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"Bring Your Family to Music Week" at India Hook Elementary

India Hook Elementary School has been filled with tunes and proud families as it celebrated "Bring Your Family to Music Week," an experience led by the school's music teacher, Inga Carey.

Throughout the week of May 6 through 10, fourth and fifth-grade students had the opportunity to invite their families to immerse themselves in the world of music during their regularly scheduled classes.

The event aimed to transform music classes into showcases of students' skills in instruments like the piano, recorder, and ukulele. Students wowed the audience with a piano rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, while another student charmed everyone with their electric guitar solo.

Carey described it as an "informance" offering students a platform to show their skills in a supportive and low-pressure environment.

"An informal way to perform in front of those who want to see you succeed," she said, emphasizing the importance of music education in fostering artistic expression and reinforcing academic skills. "It does help other disciplines like math with fractions and reading with learning lyrics…music itself is important for our culture and our society."

“Music week was really fun,” said Grace B., a fourth-grader at India Hook. “We learned a lot about different instruments and the families they are in.”

Bring Your Family to Music Week was a fun chance for families to see the teaching process of different instruments and celebrate their children's progress. Kelly Edinger, a parent, couldn't hide her pride as she emphasized the importance of exposing students to diverse musical experiences.

"It gave them an opportunity to experience music in a way that they don't get to experience at home or outside of school," Edinger said. "To get to try out all the different types of music and the different instruments and hopefully continue that in their future."

It encourages exposure to the arts, essential for success, and aligns with the , promoting skills like creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.

The success of Bring Your Family to Music Week is a testament to the dedication of educators like Carey and the enduring value of nurturing musical proficiency in our children.


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