Mental Health Department

  • Dr. Nancy Turner is the director of the Mental Health Department. The goal of the Mental Health Department is to bring mental health resources together to serve our students, staff, and community.

    One of the services for our students is the site-based Mental Health therapy available in each 极速六合彩开奖结果 School. The six areas of mental health services and programs we offer are Mental Health Site-Based Therapy, Behavior Management Assistants and Crisis Management Assistants, Day Treatment Center, Behavioral Intervention Measurement Assessment System (BIMAS)-2 Universal Screener, Mental Health Services for 极速六合彩开奖结果' employees, and 极速六合彩开奖结果 Community Outreach Services.

    The Mental Health Resource Hotline is available to the community of 极速六合彩开奖结果.  The Hotline phone number is: 803-324-7464. 

    A community resource is the Parent Academy bringing experts to assist our community with live-stream, zoom presentations that fall under a mental health umbrella.

    The primary focus of the Department of Mental Health is to address our families’ needs in a way that is easily accessible at no cost to our community.

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  • Dr. Nancy Turner

    Dr. Nancy Turner
    Director of Mental Health


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